About SpaceBuilder

SpaceBuilder® is a web-based application designed for property developments where repeatabiliy and easy access to data is essential. Room data sheets prepared for one project can be replicated to other projects in a couple of clicks, then edited if required.  SpaceBuilder has been used for over ten years on many large and small projects ranging from hundreds of millions to a few thousand dollars. 
Project design information is available on line for designers, contractors and purchasers right through the life of, and well after the project.
Says Jocelyn Moore, Village Manager - "We are using SpaceBuilder® at Beetham Village. When maintenance is required we just check the website and use what was specified and installed. This is invaluable for items such as colours and fittings. In the past we would either have to call out the contractor or spend hours searching through drawings and specifications".
SpaceBuilder® provides early cost estimating data by individual room. For hospital, hotel and housing projects the benefit is consolidation of specification from the outset with ongoing consistency of procurement and installation.
Quicker delivery at less cost and with less hassle - these are the benefits of SpaceBuilder® - the most comprehensive property planning technology available.
For more information contact: SpaceBuilder@hpa.co.nz
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